Was I the last one to know?

09 Jun

Armor of GodMy pastor asked for volunteers last week to read a draft of his new book about the subject The Armor of God (based on Ephesians 6).

I reluctantly and at the last minute raised my hand to receive a copy to review and give feedback.

I had no idea how my life would be changed!

I think most believers recognize that we are in a daily battle for our mind and souls.  However, I have been sitting on the sideline (or hiding in the foxhole) and choosing to ignore the battle, pretend it doesn’t exist, or hope someone else will fight it for me.

I spent six months of 2013 somewhat incapacitated due to a chronic health issue.  I was in a position of not being able to take care of my young children.  After getting better, I began to slowly resume my previous duties of mom and flight attendant.

But I was scared.  Scared at the thought of taking care of these little ones on my own.  Would I have the energy? Would I have the patience? Would I do right by them? Would I prepare the right meals for them to nourish their growing bodies? Would I raise them up each day in the knowledge of the Lord?

With lots of help from Lysa Turkeurst’s book “Made to Crave”, I began to lay down my lifelong love affair with food (more specifically sugar) which essentially forced me onto the battlefield.  I could no longer rely on this addictive substance to take me away like Calgon.  I needed the armor of God more than ever.

Last week, for the first time in a very long time, I took care of both of my children, all day long, Monday-Friday.  I did what I thought was not possible.  We even had some structure and some purpose to our day each day.  Praying on the armor of God was essential to this success.

The important lesson I am learning is that we have two choices.  We can either hide in the foxhole, using substances or people to avoid the problem, or we can get out and do battle on the front lines.  The thing is, God can’t help us win the battle if we won’t even get out and fight.  I am learning to have the courage to get out and fight, and watch him win the battle for me!

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